A creamy, intense and high definition mascara. The lashes are immediately curved, dramatic, defined and extra long.
The special “convex shape” brush catches the lashes from the roots and extends them, giving your lashes the famous Doe-Eyed effect. Extra black.

High definition mascara, curving and lengthening. High coverage and deep color. Long lasting. Contains 18 ml.

With a special mix of sea origin actives, elastin, glycogen and collagen promoting the restructuring of the lash fiber.
The special transparent base exalts the intensity of the color.
The natural waxes offer elasticity and creaminess.
The natural gelling agents ensure a long lasting hold and flexibility of the lashes.
Dermatologically tested. Triethanolamine, perfume and allergen free.

Apply from the roots to the tips of the lashes.

Maxitech Lift Up Mascara