Marzi hats are elegant forms of art, a perfect marriage between tradition and innovation: all the company's creations are made by craftsmen, combining flawless manual skill with unique, cutting-edge style.

Marzi's long tradition guarantees a hat that never fails to express the finest artisan quality. The meticulous and careful inspection of each stage of production and the quest for distinctive details result in a product with exclusive and sophisticated features.

The creation of Marzi hats, which are strictly in line with the "Made in Italy" ethos, is entirely entrusted to the manual skill and talent of individuals: the definition of the models, quality of the raw materials and stylistic refinement make each single creation perfect and inimitable in its uniqueness. The aim has always been to make a high-quality "Made in Italy" product, thanks to the use of select raw materials and outstanding manual skill.

Marzi Black & White